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The skin from the diaper area skin tends to get irritated and weakened, causing pain and discomfort to the baby.


To prevent this from happening and repair the skin when it's irritated, Suavinex created the Nappy cream, a regenerating and moisturizing care adapted to the baby's skin.


Essential to prevent and relieve the discomfort at the diaper area

It's triple action protects, moisturizes and regenerates the baby's skin; thanks to it's innovative formulation.


The titanium dioxide forms an absorbing film that protects the epidermis from irritants such as urine and feces, that cause maceration and inflammation.


On the other hand, the shea butter and almond oil soothe and relieve pain.


This product also contains innovative peptides and soothing ingredients that prevent irritation and help to regenerate the skin.

Suavinex Nappy Cream 75ml

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