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Our Brands

While you’re on our site, take a look at some of the great brands we represent. Our Baby Store is proud to offer an unparalleled choice of products. If you can’t see what you need, simply get in touch with our store today.



KLUPŚ products are made in accordance with current safety standards using raw materials dedicated to children’s furniture. We use specially selected wood and water-based paints, found in higher class furniture.

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Our Innovation and Values....

Innovation has ALWAYS been the driving force of Babymoov in research and development. The Babymoov identity and approach combines a series of pro-active workshops with parents and their children to ensure all of our products are designed with the best intent, materials, purpose, affordability and productivity. We believe in quality, honest and unique parenting solutions that enhance development and make life a little simpler!



Give your baby a dream start with bébé-jou care products. Whether it's the daily bath or the first steps on the way to toilet training, with the products of bébé-jou you'll enjoy it even more.

Bathing your baby is a joyfull moment, but what bath do you choose? bébé-jou offers you an easy new bathing system with 'click'. You can click the bébé-jou bath and thermobath easily on the new bath stand. The baths will stand stable and will be fixed to the stand



At BimbiDreams we have been taking care of babies for over 40 years. Our textile baby products combine the best designs and the best quality materials in articles such as nordic covers, footmuffs, quilt covers, cushions and many others among a wide range of products. 

Nowadays, BimbiDreams has become one of the most important and benchmark companies in the textile baby products industry. Finding new raw materials and focusing on the study and development of new designs, BimbiDreams is right now at the cutting edge of the textile baby products industry in the world



Casualplay has been committed to safety and functional design since 1966. This is apparent from our comprehensive range of car seats, which have received awards from the ADAC Institute in Germany, and elsewhere, for their high quality. Our pushchairs are based on a design concept that combines practicality and aesthetics.

Whatever you need, whatever you prefer, we have something for you at Casualplay!

Casualplay means movement, but it also means excitement. With Casualplay, going for a stroll, walking, travelling, driving or rocking your child will be an unforgettable experience, in which you will rediscover everyday moments of daily life that will make you feel special.

Use our pushchairs and our car seats together for an unforgettable experience every time you leave your home with your children.



Made with love.......

Today Childhome is a well-established name in the baby gear industry and brings an extended range of innovative and timeless products.



We make thoughtful, friendly, pushchairs, highchairs and car seats with designs babies love. Our award-winning, life enhancing stuff is unique, with intelligent functions to make your life a breeze.

Really Great Products

Our award-winning, life-enhancing stuff is unique - with intelligent functions to make your life a breeze. We make thoughtful, friendly, pushchairs, highchairs and car seats with designs babies love.

Brilliant British Design

We're brilliant designers. No one does what we do. In our in-house studio, parents who care passionately about design, colour, pattern and textiles create the happiest designs.

The Babies' Choice

It's clear that babies love our stuff. Put a baby in a Cosatto pram, they're engaged and curious. We worked with the University of Sussex Baby Lab to develop products that are even better for your baby.



We are a Portuguese brand of baby articles in Organic Cotton, made with all the love and care in the best fabric for our babies.
To the quality of the fabric, we combine the design with the most rotating patterns, stamped with water-based paints, environmentally friendly, health and well-being of the little ones.



LUMA babycare was born in 2010 as the "sister" of the Dutch brand bébé-jou that has over 30 years’ experience in producing bath and care products for babies and toddlers. Where bébé-jou stands for "familiar", LUMA babycare stands especially for "design, contemporary  and simplicity". This is clearly reflected in the colours, prints and styles of our products. The collections combine well with each other and fit in every nursery.

LUMA, just a beautiful collection of bath and care products for babies and toddlers!



A world in which to shine as they grow

At Miniland we believe that the world is a better place when being parents becomes a journey for growth where we free up all of our potential. It is a journey to discover, create and connect significant moments in the role of caring for and teaching our little ones. We have a plan: grow together while enjoying the journey, so all children grow and shine with their own light.



Our brand is centered on the French word "douceur", which means softness, or tenderness.

Our capacity to innovate, to develop surprising, esthetic, ergonomic, and functional products that are perfectly adapted to babies and their parents, constitutes our brand. It is with this in mind that we continue to create our products today.

We are very rigorous; with ourselves, but also with our partners. We cannot imagine taking the smallest risk when it comes to children's safety! This is also one of our trademarks.



Welcome to the magical world of Olmitos,

where the happiness of the little ones is our inspiration.

We care about all that you, as parents, worry about. We are parents like you, so we know your needs and that of the little one. And we exert ourself to improve every day, offering very practical and functional products.

For your peace and comfort - we care, so we create safe, innovative and high quality products, passing the highest standards of safety.

We love what we do, and above all the love of things we do, and this is the value we are trying to transmit through our products.



Bottles, teats, soothers, cleansing and body care products… As parents you know better than anyone what your baby needs. However, there may be times when you feel a little bit lost, but that's normal! In this section we will help you in your choice by providing you with our catalogue, as well as all our experience and knowledge about the world of babies, pregnancy and being a new mummy. ENTER AND TAKE A LOOK!


Swim Essentials

At Swim Essentials we live for the summer! We sell THE summer inflatables with a new collection every summer! From large inflatable rose gold flamingos to small golden swan cupholders for refreshing cocktails by the water. Swim Essentials ensures that you can shine every summer on our wide range of inflatable products.  

From 2012, our products are for sale and to be found in swimming pools, beaches and all kinds of holiday destinations throughout Europe! Swim Essentials is recognizable by the logo on every product and we are constantly working on creating a range of luxury inflatable products that are characterized by style, quality and functionality.



There is no limit when it comes to giving your child the best start in life. The mission of MOON is to support you in this. Discover the MOON-Kosmos with all its advantages!

BabyCook Néo Grey.jpeg


BÉABA is known worldwide for its unique ability to create innovative products for the baby care industry with a focus on design and technology.

BÉABA feeding products are easily recognized for their beautiful, colorful design. All BÉABA products are developed in France by a team of celebrated designers.


To promote the healthiest eating habits in children, BÉABA has designed a range of cooking and feeding products with a full collection of complementary accessories. The groundbreaking Babycook®, the Original Baby Food Maker™, revolutionized traditional infant feeding by offering parents an easy, safe and well-designed way to cook healthy and tasty food for babies and family. The patented system allows parents to steam, blend, warm and defrost tasty and nutritious meals in a matter of minutes.


For over 25 years, BÉABA has created well designed products that help families live a healthier lifestyle. Our Babycook® has been a major part of these efforts, and we are especially proud of Solo and Babycook® Duo with even more time-saving features: We listened to parents' requests when we designed Duo which now gives you the freedom to cook with one hand as we all know that today's parents need to multi-task!



The smart Childcare brand

Want to learn more, or view our full selection? Visit us or give us a call!


Proud MaMa

Welcome to Proud Mama®
Working mom or stay at home mom, hip, trendy or sexy mom, you are particularly a Proud MaMa! You are proud of your children and of course proud of yourself. With the jewels of Proud MaMa you can show that you are. The collection consists of: bola,s [babybell] pregnancy necklaces, bracelets/bangles, MAM collection and wish/storage boxes.

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