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After bathing, it's necessary to restore the moisture and the hydrolipidic layer that was lost while cleansing the baby's skin.


The Moisturising body lotion from Suavinex is the ideal product to do so, since it allows you to nourish the skin and leaves it protected from external aggressions.


Moisturization that leaves your baby calm after bathing

It's formula contains vegetable oils like cottonseed oil, which reinforce the skin barrier; while the lemon balm extract gives it soothing properties.


In addition, it's pH of 5.5 is ideal to keep the skin healthy and resilient.

This lotion is quickly absorbed by the baby's skin, and it can also be used to perform a relaxing massage.


Free from Parabens, SLS, Vaseline or artificial colourings

Suavinex Moisturizing Lotion 500ml

SKU: 8426420066914

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