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The skin from the diaper area skin tends to get irritated and weakened, causing pain and discomfort to the baby.


To prevent this from happening and repair the skin when it's irritated, Suavinex created the Intensive nappy cream, a regenerating and moisturizing care adapted to the baby's skin.


This intense diaper ointment helps restore cutaneous barrier area, keeping it protected, hydrated and calm. This helps reduce irritation.


Thanks to its formula, enriched with zinc oxide and titanium dioxid creates a protective film, which isolates the moisture content of the skin, thus helping to avoid irritation caused by incontinence.


Softening properties of combination of vegetable oils and natural waxes ntren and help soothe the skin.


  • 94%of parents said that it helps to prevent irritation of the diaper.
  • 95%of parents said that it insulates the skin from the bottom of the moisture.

Suavinex Intensive Nappy Ointment 75ml

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