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They can be attached to the Suavinex breast pump to express milk directly.

The breast milk bag with lid fits any Suavinex breast pump thanks to an adapter (included in the box with breast pump), which allows you to express milk directly into the bag.


What is more, if you have the adapter and the holder (included in the box with the breast pump), you can screw the bag onto the teat of the bottle included with the breast pump and feed you baby directly without having to pour the milk into a bottle. this means you will not have to waste a drop of milk and it also hepls prevent the baby swallowing air, which can cause colic.


They allow you to keep breast milk in the fridge and freezer or even to feed your baby directly.

- Approx 180ml

- Disposable

- Pre-sterilised

Suavinex Breast Milk Storage Bags with Lid 20pc

SKU: 8426420049849

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