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During pregnancy and the postpartum period a woman’s body undergoes important changes.


Thanks to our innovation and our search for the best natural ingredients, Suavinex has created effective cosmetic formulas that respect the skin and offer the best results for daily care.


  • Anti stretch marks cream improves skin tone providing greater elasticity in risky situations such as pregnancy and weight gain or loss.
  • Its formula contains triterpenes from indian pennywort, which helps prevent the formation of stretch marks and improve the appearance of any existing ones, whilst also stimulating the production of collagen and enhancing skin elasticity. Also enriched with hyaluronic acid, it moisturises, leaving skin really smooth and silky. This pleaseently fragranced cream will also help to soothe and calm skin, noticeably reducing any itching.
  • Its pleasant smell is thought to the sensitive nose of the pregnant.
  • Massage textured fast absorbing and is available in a convenient format that facilitates its application.
  • No parabens, no caffeine, no artificial colors and no xenoestrogens.


Apply twice a day to clean dry skin, message it until completely absorbed.




1st cosmetics range for babies and mums with packaging made from renewable raw materials.


The containers used for Suavinex cosmetics are bio-based and 100% recyclable. A proposal created with renewable raw materials such as sugar cane from sustainable sources.

Suavinex Anti-Stretch Mark Cream 250ml

SKU: 8426420048408

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