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Suavinex's All Silicona pacifier is designed to favour the optimal oral development of the little ones.


It is made of silicone and in one piece, it is super soft and flexible. A pacifier indeformable by use and in addition, it does not absorb odours or flavours.


Anatomically shaped nipple: It imitates the shape of the palatial cavity, simulates the vault shape formed by the palate and tongue:

  • Palate: convex from above.
  • Language: flat at the bottom.

It leaves the tongue more space in the oral cavity so that the suction is as natural as possible. Sandblasted and flexible silicone imitates the mother's nipple in texture and consistency.


It is a pacifier so soft that it is ideal for sleeping, it does not rub the face and does not leave marks on the face.


Endorsed by the Spanish Society of Paediatric Dentistry.


The anatomically shaped washer allows you to see if the pacifier is placed upside down.


For greater hygiene, the pacifier is treated with photo-oxidation that minimises the adhesion of lint and particles.

Suavinex 6-18m All Silicone Anatomical Soother


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