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By using the FROM Bed Side cradle your baby – snug close by – will sleep soundly, and so will you! This cradle is the perfect solution for helping parent and child bond during the night. It is designed for the baby to sleep in a crib attached cozily to their parents’ bed, which is why it has 4 height positions, making it as adaptable as possible to any bed. 


This system makes breast-feeding easier and safer, which benefits the sleep of infant and parent alike. Its clean and balanced look fits in perfectly with the other bedroom furniture. It’s miles away from the conventional crib: most of the structure is upholstered with steel profiling.


This product has an anti-tipping breathable mattress, a 100% waterproof, breathable sleeping-pad, a fitted bed-sheet, a duvet and a detachable silicone wheel kit for easy, uncomplicated moving.


Suitable from birth up to 6-8 months approx


Length: 88cm
Widht: 54cm
Height: 64~80cm (4 height positions)


  • Treated aluminum structure
  • Detachable silicone wheels included
  • Breathable mattress and waterproof mattress protector
  • Duvet set and Fitted sheet: 100% cotton

Play FROM Bedside Co-sleeper Cradle Grey


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