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Listen to, feel and share your baby’s sweet heartbeat, now and forever. sweetBeat lets you listen to your baby’s sweet heartbeats in real time from the 16th week of pregnancy.


Miniland’s eMyBaby app lets you record your baby’s heartbeats and amplify the sweetBeat experience to a wide array of options and features: how your pregnancy is evolving (weight, arterial pressure, foetal movements, uterus height), contraction monitoring, baby’s diary, playing the sounds recorded, following up medical appointments and more.


The most modern heart listener on the market

This innovative device allows to listen in real time to the foetus heartbeats and record them by connecting the device using Bluetooth technology to the mobile app eMyBaby. Furthermore, with sweetBeat, you can use headphones or listen to the beats from the mobile device.


After the first trimester

sweetBeat allows the paretns to listen to prenatal activity from week 16, meaning that they can hear the baby from the beginning of the second trimester to the end of the pregnancy.


Allows to share the babys hearbeats with the loved ones

The eMyBaby® app allows the recorded audio files to be shared with family and friends. In this way, the parents-to-be will be able to listen to the first movements of their baby on their mobile phone or tablet and share them on social networks with their closest relatives and contacts.


Parents can follow the pregnancy step by step in the mobile device with eMyBaby®

As well as a heart listener, Miniland has developed an entire module in the eMyBaby® app for the pregnancy. There we can find sections such as the one for the mother, where all medical data during the pregnancy can be stored; a module with all the information relating to the babys development; a space to add the most important medical appointments; a contractions counter for when the moment arrives to give birth, and even a baby diary to write down the evolution of the pregnancy day to day. 


Small, convenient, and with a rechargeable battery

The rounded and compact design of sweetBeat as well as its small size means that it is convenient and easy for mothers to use. Furthermore, it has a rechargeable battery that can be charged using any microUSB cable.


Gel sold separately 


Miniland Sweetbeat

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