6-in-1 bottle warmer, steriliser and steamer. A multi-purpose appliance to perform endless tasks easily and practically: heat baby bottles and baby food gradually, steam-sterilise and defrost up to 6 baby bottles, cook eggs and steam greens while retaining their goodness, keep baby bottles and jars of baby food warm.


6 functions in one device

• Steams up to 6 bottles at a time.

• Warm bottles and baby food gradually.

• Steam defrost baby bottles and baby food.

• Steam vegetables while preserving their properties.

• Maintains the temperature of bottles and baby food.

• Cook up to 6 eggs at the same time.


Effective sterilization

The most effective and natural way to sterilize is through steam. Thanks to the large super 6 capacity, up to 6 bottles and other accessories can be sterilized quickly and naturally.


Perfect for warming breast milk

Soft and uniform defrosting and heating, with which none of the properties of breast milk are lost during the process, preserving all its vitamins and nutrients when the selected temperature is reached.


Food steamer

It cooks all kinds of steamed vegetables, preserving their properties and nutrients. In addition, up to 6 eggs can be cooked at the same time in a few minutes.


Always knowing how much sterilization time is left

With super 6 you can choose the preferred warming or sterilization time and see how much time is left thanks to its display.


Automatic shutdown

Once the programming of each function is completed, the device automatically switches off after few minutes, for greater safety and energy saving.

Miniland Super 6

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