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Airtight containers with 250ml capacity made in Spain with highly-resistant materials. The measurements printed on the cup allow the babies meals to be adapted to their needs at any time. Very suitable for storing breast milk, either for refrigerating or for storing for longer in the freezer. Ideal for the first mushes and all kinds of solid foods, from aperitifs and snacks to desserts.


Well suited to other liquid foods such as soups, consommés or natural juices. The babys food is kept in the freezer to maintain its nutritional properties, aroma and flavour. The graduated cup is ideal for the microwave, allowing food to be unfrozen in a moment with total comfort and safety. Very convenient for heating up food in the same airtight container, in any bottle warmer, microwave (remove lid) or bain-marie.


  • 100% BPA-free
  • Do not sterilize

Miniland Set of 4 Pots Ocean

SKU: 89540

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