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Create the perfect setting for your baby’s most natural rest. Natural Sleeper is a touch device that stimulates relaxation of your baby’s senses using settable playing of white noise, colours and aromas to encourage sleep in a gentle, deep and natural way.


Multi-sensory stimulation of the baby and... quiet nights!

Thanks to its triple functionality of sound generation, colored lights and aromas, natural sleeper stimulates the senses of hearing, sight and smell of the baby simultaneously, to enhance the beginning and depth of sleep in a natural way, in a placid atmosphere of calm.


The ideal sound for the baby

The natural sound programmed in natural sleeper is specially designed to calm the baby, inducing a relaxed and deep sleep. In addition, it helps to mask any ambient sound that may awake the little one: life is noisy, but it doesn’t have to disturb the baby!


Aromatherapy: today and always

The benefits of aromatherapy are widely demonstrated, and are based on certain scents that help the baby have greater psychic and physical strength, besides helping balance their energy and feel good inside. Hence, natural sleeper vaporizes cold mist using ultrasonic vibrations, gently dispersing natural fragrances in the babys room, creating an atmosphere of peace, transmitting a sense of well-being and helping to relax, both to fall asleep as well as to favor the induction of deep sleep. 


The light the baby loves

Parents can choose between multicolored or fixed light mode, creating the perfect environment for the baby, stimulating the secretion of melatonin, which will help the little one achieve a deep, peaceful and serene sleep. In addition, the nightlight, which helps babies feel safe at night, is cold to the touch.


Independent and combinable sound, light and aroma, in a very simple way

Natural sleeper adapts to the needs of each baby and the parents, since it incorporates four modes of operation that are activated through its touch button, allowing sound, light and aroma to be used combined or independently. 


With auto-off and automatic disconnection

Natural sleeper stays on for an hour to ensure that the baby falls asleep and then turns off automatically. In addition, if the water in the tank runs out during its use, the device will be disconnected.

Miniland Natural Sleeper

SKU: 5005089261

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