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Cleanses and purifies your home atmosphere. Humitouch Pure is an ozone humidifier that helps purify the air with an autonomy of over 50 hours. Ideal for spaces up to 40 m2, it stops the formation of bacteria and unpleasant smells while letting you regulate the optimum degree of humidity for each room. It also contains a compartment for essences so you can create an entire world of sensations for you and your baby. And you can do so at a distance thanks to its remote control.


Air free of bacteria and unpleasant odours

Purify the air with this ozone humidifier which avoids bacteria and can counteract unpleasant odours of the room, at the same that it humidifies the air and maintains the optimum environmental level of humidity.


Its capacity allows for several nights of independent operation

When operating at minimum vapour flow, it can run for several nights without needing its water tank to be filled thanks to its 5-litre capacity which offers independent operation for more than 50 hours. It is ideal for rooms up to 40m2.


Creates a fragrant atmosphere at home

A whole world of fragrances available for the parents. The compartment for perfumes allows the use of all types of fragrance on the market. The perfume is spread evenly around the room continuously.


To choose the desired climate at home

It allows the smart programming of the relative humidity and the vapour flow desired so that parents adjust them as they wish. In addition, it has a timer so that it turns off automatically.


A multitude of functions and touch control

A humidifier with touch panel that presents a wide range of functions providing very intuitive control so that everyone can handle it easily and comfortably.


All information visible

Thanks to the built-in sensor, shows at all times the temperature and relative humidity of the environment in its elegant screen, integrated on the front panel.


Gentle blue nightlight

It allows parents to easily turn on or off the soft blue light to adapt the humidifier always to the baby’s taste.


Remote control to control all the functions

It is possible to activate, deactivate, or select the humidifier functions more comfortably by remote control.

Miniland Humitouch Pure

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