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Humidrop is one of Miniland’s most attractive humidifier models due to its elegant design, minimal size and range of features: enjoy your favourite essences by creating a pleasant environment with uniform cold steam and operating autonomy up to 12 hours.


Elegance and functionality with a minimum size.

humidrop is Miniland’s smallest humidifier and it boasts a very elegant design. Thanks to its small diameter, it is easy to place on any surface.


The essences the parents really want

The essence compartment of this humidifier is compatible with all the essences available on the market.


High-performance cold steam humidifier

Endowed with great operating autonomy exceeding 12 hours with a maximum steam flow, even though it is small. 1.5 litre tank capacity. Ideal for rooms of up to 15m2.


Very user-friendly for everyone

It allows simple control by a touch button to control the desired steam flow at any given time.


Homogeneous humidification

Its adjustable nozzle allows the humidification of the whole space homogeneously, distributing the cold steam evenly throughout the room.


Optional soft night light

Includes the option of turning on or off a soft blue light to keep your baby company while humidrop is in operation.


Empty water tank alert and automatic shut-off 

The device is fitted with a lack of water protection system, and turns itself off automatically. A luminous indicator lights up to warn the tank needs filling.

Miniland Humidrop

SKU: 8413082891732

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