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Always a match with your baby!


Our 500ml insulated bottles are the perfect complement to our

thermys deluxe insulated flasks, so both moms and dads and the little ones can show up in matching style.


It maintains the temperature of liquids more than 24 hours

Miniland insulated bottles are really tough and efficient thanks

to their double 18/8 steel (304 steel) wall and their vacuum chamber, so they keep liquids hot or cold throughout the day.


Reusable and durable

Made on stainless steel, it can be reused during a long period

of time, prolonging its span life and contributing to the sustainability of the environment. This way, parents can teach the little ones the importance of caring and respecting the world they will live in.


Materials endowed with exceptional quality

Made from 18/8 steel (304 steel) which has very low thermal

conductivity and very good resistance to high temperatures, being the most appropriate material for liquid storage.


Important: Dropping or hitting the bottle will likely dent or scratch the outside and also ruin the vacum insulation completely.

Miniland Deluxe Bottle Flask Silver


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