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Make your home a safe environment for kids. Place the Eltra door gate in any doorway to prevent your children from leaving or entering a room. The gate can also be placed at the bottom of the stairs to prevent your child from climbing up the stairs. The one-hand closure makes it easy for adults to open the gate with one hand.


The gate can be opened in both directions. Special hinges prevent the little fingers of your children of getting stuck.

The frame is installed without the use of screws and the width can be easily adapted with extensions. Attachment by means of simple placement of the door gate under tension allows for quick and easy installation without damaging the door casings or walls. A pressure indicator simplifies the installation .


When this indicator is red, the gate is open or there is not enough or too much tension. When the indicator is green, the gate is closed or the tension is ok. Extra support is assured by the use of a U-profile. This profile makes that it is not advised to place the gate on the top of the stairs. There is always a chance of tripping over the metal frame. 


Warning: Never leave the child unattended. Read the instructions before installation as an incorrect installation can be dangerous. This safety barrier must not be fitted across windows. Never use without wall cups. Do not use a pressure mounted gate on the top of stairs; there is a risk of tripping! This safety barrier is for domestic use only. This safety barrier is suitable for use with children up to 24 months of age. This safety barrier can be mounted onto firm and inherently stable surfaces with provided fittings. This safety barrier has a manual closing system.


Important advantages at a glance

  • Security gate for door openings or at the bottom of the stairs
  • Can be openen by an adult on both sides with 1 hand
  • No pinched fingers due to special hinges
  • Installation without screws
  • Pressure indicator showing the correct amount of tension
  • U-profile for extra support and safety


Important specifications

  • Dimensions: 75.0 x 4.0 x 77.0 cm
  • Material: Metal
  • EN Standard: EN 1930:2011
  • Maintenance: Use a damp cloth and dry immediately.


Eltra Extensions sold separately 

Childhome Eltra Pressure Doorgate 75-81cm White

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