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The new Revol XL i-size will protect your baby on every journey from birth, adapting to their growth until they are 12 years old.  


The most complete in safety and comfort

It offers excellent side protection with a triple anti-impact system: Memory Foam, side protection shield and double air chamber in the saddle and headrest.


Its practical 360º swivel system makes it easy to change direction of travel and place the child in the seat.


It allows rear-facing use for up to 4 years, and the reclining seat ensures maximum comfort on every trip.




  • Width: 44 cm
  • Lenght: 57 cm
  • Height: 69 cm



  • From 40 to 105 cm backwards: Isofix + support leg
  • From 76 to 105 cm fordward facing: Isofix + support leg
  • From 100 To 150 cm fordward facing: Isofix + seat belt


One more step in sustainability

At Casualplay we strive to be more sustainable every day. Based on our ISO 14001environmental certification, we have developed a fully biodegradable packaging.


Among other measures, we have eliminated the plastic protections in the packaging and the plastic bag has been replaced by a vegetable-based one made from corn.

Casualplay Revol XL iSize Light Grey

SKU: 700543711

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