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0+/1/2/3 (0-36 kg) 

Evolutionary car seat to use from 0 to 36kg.


It provides maximum protection, comfort and ease to use for all ages. Its exclusive 360º rotating system with support leg allows full spin without interference. 


360º rotating system.

Its practical rotating system without interferences makes it easy to change chair orientation as well as placing the child, as the chair can be turned to the direction of the vehicle door.

Its 360º rotating system facilitates the securing of the child in the seat and allows its use rearward facing or forward facing, guaranteeing maximum safety in both directions.

It provides great comfort from birth thanks to the built-in baby cushion and the multi-position seat with adjustable headrest and harness.

  • Easy and safe seat installation using isofix connectors and support leg
  • Reclining positions
  • Extendible Isofix included

Casualplay Norai Fix Grey


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