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G. 0+/I/II/III - 0-36 Kg (0-12Years)



The new & revolution Kora  multigroup car seat, the best of a 0+/1 and a 2/3 group joint to create a unique car set with the maximum protection, comfort and ease of use. Thanks to the isofix system with support leg, 360º rotation device and its complete adapter cushion.


Created in accordance with the new protection standard can be used rear-facing untill 105cm.  It allows to extend the use of the harness up to 20 kg.



  • From 40 to 105 cm backwards: Isofix + support leg
  • From 76 to 105 cm fordward facing: Isofix + support leg
  • From 100 To 150 cm fordward facing: Isofix + seat belt


One more step in sustainability

At Casualplay we strive to be more sustainable every day. Based on our ISO 14001 environmental certification, we have developed a fully biodegradable packaging.


Among other measures, we have eliminated the plastic protections in the packaging and the plastic bag has been replaced by a vegetable-based one made from corn.


ECE R-129



Casualplay Kora iSize Deep Grey

SKU: 700545710

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