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Give your child a bath with the assurance that everything is just right. bébé-jou’s Bath Sense Edition is equipped with an innovative digital thermometer. Bébé-jou’s Sense collection has been optimized on design, usability and safety. This creates space to focus on your child and helps you fully enjoy this intimate moment.


The digital thermometer has been integrated in the bathplug and communicates wirelessly with the digital led panel. The panel also has a timer that you can set for 10 minutes. This way you can keep track of the bath time and make sure your baby doesn’t stay too long in the water and the skin doesn’t dry out.


Bébé-jou’s baby bath Sense is equipped with an innovative click system which helps you easily secure the bath on the bath stand. Moreover the bath is made of sustainable materials and BPA-free.


Complete your set

Complete your bath set with the accessory Sense Bath Stand and Drain Hose. These can be sold separately. In case you don’t have a drain nearby, we recommend using Bébé-jou’s Diaper Pail for your water supply and removal. The diaper pail has exactly the right contents to fill the bath and an ergonomic handle for a firm carrying grip.



  • Digital thermometer
  • Digital bath timer
  • Innovative click system
  • Contents: 14 liters
  • Material bath: Polypropylene
  • Material plug: SEBS
  • Measurements: 79,5 x 41,5 x 30,8cm

Bebe-jou Baby Bath Sense Edition White


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