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A light and easy to use straw cup

The Béaba® 300 ml Straw Cup is a young child's companion when they are growing up (use as from 8 months). 100% watertight (even when open), light and easy to use, it is perfect for use at home as well as out and about.

  • Easy opening: The sliding lid frees and encloses the straw without forcing.
  • Hygienic: once the sliding lid is closed, the straw is protected.
  • Removable handles: easy to grasp in the beginning, they can be removed later if necessary.
  • Supple straw: protects young children's fragile gums.
  • No leaks: open or closed, it does not leak thanks to its valve and its airtight lid.
  • Easy to clean: fully demountable, it has very few parts. Washing by hand is recommended

Beaba Straw Cup 300ml Old Pink

SKU: 3384349134808

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