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Lightweight and practical, this cup is ideal for children to learn to drink like in a glass

  • 360° system: allows drinking from any side of the cup 
  • Simple lip pressure system: the liquid flows only when the child presses his lips on the edge of the cup 
  • Anti-drip disc: to prevent liquid from spilling  
  • Lightweight and unbreakable cup  
  • Removable handles: to fit every child 
  • Hygienic lid: to protect the drinker during transport  
  • Easy to clean: the cup can be easily dismantled 
  • Recommended age of use: 12m+
  • Capacity: 340 ml 
  • Care: hand wash recommended, or dishwasher on a gentle cycle 

Beaba Learning Cup 360 Pink

SKU: 913571

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