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Badabulle Cloud Night Light features a cute cloud design that lights up when you switch it on. It then cycles through a rainbow of six different colours, creating a soft glow that will fascinate and reassure your child. In addition, it has 15 different musical melodies that play alongside the different colours. The lights and colours are capable of operating independently.


This means you can choose to have colours, lights, or both at the same time. In addition, you can set up the timer so that the music and sounds turn off automatically after 30 minutes - which is convenient for parents and gives your child a good sleep window in which to doze off! Of course, you can leave the light on all night if you wish, and manually switch it off the next morning.This Nursery Accessory is really portable. Because it's battery operated, you can take it anywhere, and the Velcro hang tag makes it easy to hang wherever your child needs a little extra reassurance.


Use in the cot, in the bathroom, or on the back of the passenger headrest when travelling on a late night journey.


  • Velcro fastener to hang the night light on all types of surface
  • Portable: battery operated
  • 15 tunes including white noise tracks
  • 6 nightlight colours
  • Operate light and music independently or together
  • The music stops automatically after 30 minutes
  • Continuous light or stopped automatically after 30 minutes 


Badabulle Cloud Night Light

SKU: 3661276148765

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