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Stackable powdered formula dispenser with 4 compartments

  • 4 stackable compact formula containers
  • 100% airtight and leak-proof
  • Multi-functional: Store formula for bottles and small snacks
  • Pop in your steriliser to clean


Convenient for day and night feeds!

Pre-measure baby's powdered formula into 4 stackable and interchangeable compartments with easy screw top lid. Perfect for quick and easy bottle prep during the day and night.


Compact for on the go

Compact slim funnel bottle design, easy to pour milk powder and compact for putting in your changing bag or handbag to take out and about with baby.


Easy to clean

For best results pop the babydose separated into compartments, in your steriliser with baby's bottles

Badabulle Babydose Milk Powder Dispenser

SKU: B004204

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