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The XL Nutribaby+ 5-in-1 food prep station for baby and the whole famly

  • Award-winning 5-in-1 multi-function food prep station
  • Easy meal prep for all stages of your child's development, from pregnancy to weaning and beyond.
  • Steam, blend, sterilise, reheat and defrost
  • 3 steam baskets included
  • 3 blending speeds
  • 2.25 litre capacity
  • Limited Edition Copper and Navy colour


The award-winning Nutribaby(+) XL is the only food prep solution on the market offering 5-in-1 cooking functions including a large capapcity steamer and blender which double up to sterilse baby bottles, reheat and defrost prepared meals and more. Nutribaby(+) XL also features the cooking vessel in the base of the steamer where you can cook pulses, oats, pasta and other grains too.


For babies/families with allergies:Thanks to Nutribaby(+) XL healthy meals can be prepped easily right from scratch giving parents the ability to know exactly what is going into their food in place of ready made food jars and meals. Nutribaby(+) supports the combination of spoon-led and baby-led weaning with the steamer and blender functions.


Why you will love Nutribaby(+) XL

• 5 appliances in one streamlined stylish unit: Steam, blend, sterilise, reheat and defrost
• Easy to use for busy parents: ergonomic central control panel thanks to pre-programmed functions: 1 button = 1 function activation
• Larger 2.25 litre capacity including 3 steam baskets (1500ml) and one large blender (700ml): Prepare a large variety of meals for the whole family at once or batch cook a week's worth of baby meals easily.
• Steam cooking process cooks fresh foods perfectly to retain maxmium nutrition and vitamins for you and your baby
• Cooking Juices Collector: Any lost nutrients from steaming juices can be added back in to purees, soups and stews
• Simultaneous use: Steam and blend at the same time
• 3 blending speeds: Ajust blended food textures - chunky, textured and smooth
• Built-in timer for steam cooking foods perfectly
• Removable parts : baskets, trays, and blending blade for easy cleaning, all dishwasher safe
• Adaptable Unit: Steaming unit and blending unit can be separated and used separately to save space or to steam cook foods.



Babymoov Nutribaby(+) XL

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