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The Nutribaby (+) is a long life investement in your family's health thanks to its multi-functional features including... 4 appliances in 1 Bottle warmer Steriliser Steamer Blender.  All functions are activated via one intuitive central control panel.


Two steaming baskets can bet set to different cooking times simultaneously - Cook multiple foods at once whether it's for the family or for baby or both! Steamer and blender can be used simultaneously - enables wholesome fresh meals and baby food to be made quickly


  • 3 blending speeds - perfect for baby weaning stages
  • Cooking juice collector in the bottom of the steamer 
  • Excess nutrients from cooked food can be added back into puree's and soups resulting in nutrient packed meals for baby
  • Removable blender blade 
  • Easy and safer cleaning in the dishwasher
  • Largest cooking capacity on the market for food prep makers - enables whole family meals to be made at once or a whole weeks worth of baby food can be prepared in advance.


Annabel Karmel APPROVED

With expert baby food author and expert, Annabel Karmel taking to her kitchen to prepare her nutritious Salmon and carrot baby puree with the Nutribaby(+), the conveneince of steaming and blender in a matter of minutes led to her seal of approval!

Babymoov Nutribaby+ Grey

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