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Hygro+ noiseless multi-functional baby humidifier

  • Regulates the safest humidity level (recommended for baby 40-50%)
  • 3in1 product: Humidifier, oil diffuser and nightlight
  • Reduces the symptoms of illness, asthma, eczema, winter infections, seasonal allergies
  • Colour-changing nightlight: Warm colours are less disruptive at night
  • Safety automatic shut-off when water tank gets low


Ensure the healthiest air condition with the noiseless, multi-function, cool mist humidifier, Hygro Plus


Hygro+ regulates the healthiest room humidity which reduces the impact of air pollution, dust particles and common allergens in the air.

An imbalance in humidity levels within the home can help these allergens and bacteria to thrive which can contribute to congestion, colds, coughs, seasonal allergies and other respiratory and skin conditions.


TOP TIP: The recommended humidity level for a child's room is 40% to 50%


Health Benefits of Hygro(+)

Helps to reduce...

  • coughing and development of colds
  • risk of conjunctivitis
  • risk of bronchitis
  • nasal infections
  • irritations of the nose
  • asthma 
  • tiredness
  • dry skin

Babymoov Hygro+ Humidifier


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