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Perfect bowls for storing, freezing and warming up baby's food! Babybols are ideal for storing homemade baby food, thanks to the airtight cover. They are freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe.


The bowls clip together for easy storage, and are see-through with a rewritable surface so you can easily label and identify the contents. Choose your set: 4 bowls x 120ml; 6 bowls x 180ml; 6 bowls x 250ml.



Stackable bowls for easy storage and travel

Transparent and rewritable surface so you can label and identify pre-prepared meals

Screw-on airtight lid, 100% spill proof and leak proof

Freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe


Easy to clean Benefits:

An ideal set for starting babies on solids and introducing a variety of foods

Allows you to prepare large quantities of food in one go, maximising family time Ideal for freezing, defrosting and reheating in the microwave

BPA free


Small Set: 4 bowls of 120ml

Medium Set: 6 bowls of 180ml

Large Set: 6 bowls of 250ml

Babymoov Babybols


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