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Your baby's sensitive skin can become dry and irritated after cleansing, so it requires gentle products that respect skin's pH. In this sense, Suavinex created the Syndet cleansing gel-shampoo, and everyday use product that is free from soap and allows to clean the baby's hair and skin with all the softness it needs.


Gentle cleansing and soothing to the skin from the little ones

The mild cleansing base of this shower gel and shampoo consists of natural fatty acids from coconut, which are very delicate and prevent skin's dehydration.


In addition, it's formula contains vitamin B5 (panthenol), that makes hair softer, shiny and supple.


  • The packaging's pump facilitates its use during bathing, making this product especially practical.
  • pH 5.5.
  • No parabens, SLS, petroleum jelly or artificial colors.

Suavinex Syndet Gel Shampoo 500ml

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