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A useful car mirror and 2 in 1 tablet support, to entertain the child (and also control him while driving!) while traveling home! Soft to the touch and 100% safe for children (it is soft and does not break!), it is perfect as a mirror to control them with a glance while driving: it can be easily fixed to the headrest of the rear seat and allow you a view of the seat that will be reflected in the rearview mirror of your car.

In addition, this product also acts as a tablet support, ideal for seeing your favorite cartoon during trips with Mum and Dad

  • Suitable for children from 0 months and up
  • Dimensions: 2 x 27.5 x 21 cm
  • Compatible with 10-inch tablets
  • It is easily fixed to the headrest of the car
  • Unbreakable mirror included

Olmitos Infant View Mirror & Tablet Support

SKU: 4017

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