Easy sterilisation and warming in the same product


With warmyplus digy parents dont need a separate device for each function. It allows baby bottles and other accessories to be sterilised in just a few minutes in the same device that warms up the bottles and food.


Always knowing how much warming or sterilisation time is left

With warmyplus digy parents can choose the preferred warming or sterilisation time and see how much time is left thanks to its display. 


Warms bottles and baby food simply and naturally

Warms them quickly and naturally using high temperature steam, meaning that the milk and baby food reach a uniform temperature suitable for the baby, therefore avoiding the disadvantages of other methods such as microwaves. 


Perfect for warming breast milk

Thanks to the gentle and uniform warming, none of the breast milks properties are lost during the process, keeping its nutrients and vitamins locked in and warming it to a temperature similar to that of a mothers body temperature, as close as possible to natural breastfeeding!


Very easy to use 

It is controlled with three simple buttons which turn the device on and off and configure the length of the warming or sterilisation process. 


Adjustable temperature according to the babys needs

Because not all babies are the same, thanks to its timer the milk or baby food can be warmed to the temperature wanted for the littlest ones. 


Detachable and easy to clean

All the accessories can be cleaned with soapy water and a sponge, as well as in the dishwasher. The base can be cleaned with a damp cloth.


Visual and sound warnings and maximum safety

A visual and sound warning indicates when warming has finished or when the water has run out, automatically turning itself off.

Miniland Warmyplus Digy

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