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It sterilises up to 6 bottles naturally. With a sterilisation time of just 6 minutes, Steamy sterilises up to 6 baby bottles and accessories effectively and naturally using steam, without adding any chemical substance.


Effective sterilization

The most effective and natural way to sterilize is through steam. With steamy, it is not necessary to include any chemical substance for sterilization.


Baby bottles and accessories quickly sterilized

With steamy all the accessories and baby bottles will be clean and ready for a new use in only 6 minutes.


High sterilising capacity

steamy has a roomy sterilisation space and an organiser which endows it with great capacity, being possible to accommodate up to six baby bottles with their teats.


Sterilises all types of accessories

It can also sterilise medium-sized utensils such as breast pumps or small accessories, all of which can be placed in a special compartment.


Always knowing how much sterilisation time is left

With steamy parents can always find out when the sterilisation will finish thanks to its display. Furthermore, given that the device maintains a sterile interior for three hours after the end of the process, the display will show the time that the content inside will remain sterile.


Easy to store and to clean

It comes with a practical cable tidy in the base. Furthermore, all the accessories are kept inside the sterilising space and can be washed in the dishwasher.


Visual and auditory warnings and maximum safety

A visual and sound warning indicates when sterilisation has finished or when the water has run out, automatically turning itself off.


Use distilled water in your sterilizer.  Any other type of water, such as tap, bottled, and even filtered, may contain deposits in it that can build up around the heating element and result in a shorter product life.

Descale the sterilizer for optimal use every week.

Miniland Steamy

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