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Set of 4 square glass airtight containers, 160 ml capacity each.


The food of the most delicate ones in small glass containers


This eco-friendly set consists of 4 containers of 160ml glass, a resistant and durable material which is completely transparent, allowing to see the contents perfectly. The containers are the ideal size to store separately small portions of baby's home-cooked food, milk powder, fruit... and take them anywhere. 


Hermetic clip closure

Its lid with side flanges, which produce a soft click when closing them, and its silicone gasket, ensure airtightness, for better preservation of food, preserving odors and flavors, and preventing unwanted spills.


Microwave, dishwasher, freezer and even oven safe


Dishwasher and freezer safe. In addition, the base can be used to heat food in microwaves and even in the oven, as it is resistant to both extreme temperatures and thermal shocks.


Easy to clean

These containers are particularly easy to clean thanks to the unique surface of the glass. They are also safe and hygienic.


Bisphenol A free

100% BPA-free hermetics.

Miniland Set 4 naturSquare Bunny Glass Containers