Great features for a huge screen. Digimonitor 5” ensures a wide image and connection without interference thanks to its 5” LCD screen and a connection range up to 230 m. Created using bidirectional technology, you can speak or croon a lullaby to keep your baby company from afar while you perform another activity. Other amazing features are: screen zoom, sound activation with a VOX feature and indicator light, 5 melodies, a temperature alert for your baby’s room and connection for up to 4 cameras.


Thanks to its large 5 LCD screen and its range of up to 230 meters, parents can see the baby with total image quality and zero interference.


Sound activation

With the VOX (voice activation) function, the baby monitor stays in standby mode while the baby is resting peacefully, and is activated automatically when a sound is detected, saving energy.


Listening and talking to the babies

Two-way technology allows the parents to listen to the babies, but also to talk and sing them a song either to calm them down or just to keep them company whilst parents are carrying out some other activity.


Luminous sound level indicator

The parents unit features some warning lights which light up when a sound is detected in the room. This option is particularly useful for people with sensory difficulties.


Temperature sensor and alert

Alerts may be established when the temperature is too high or too low, to keep an optimal resting environment at the desired temperature.


Up to 4 cameras can be connected to the same monitor

The parents unit of the digimonitor 5’’ can be connected with up to 4 different cameras to monitor different rooms in a cyclical way.


Melodies and feeding time alert

The five melodies it features, controlled from the monitor, will help the baby to relax. An alert can also be programmed to warn of the baby’s next feeding time.


Everything under control

The device features low battery and out-of-range alerts to ensure the parents are not left without seeing the baby.

Miniland Digimonitor 5'

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