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An extra layer of insulation for the insulated flasks which protects them from ambient temperature changes and it helps keep drinks at the right temperature too.


A happy touch for liquid insulated flasks of all sizes

The thermibag deluxe isothermal bags have been especially

designed for 500 ml insulated flasks and they are available in three different finishes so that mums and dads can decorate the thermos flasks in their favorite color.


Furthermore, they are ideal to use together with the Miniland thermys deluxe.


Strong materials for more protection

Made with heavy duty materials, which protect the insulated

flask from getting scuffed, banged around and scratched.


It is the ideal size to take with you anywhere

Perfect to use when you go for a walk or when you leave your baby in someone else’ s care. The bag also has a very practical handle that you can hang on the stroller.


Zip opening on the top

There is a zip opening on the top of the isothermal bag, which can be opened to use the thermos flask easily without even having to take it out.

Miniland Deluxe Thermibag Gold


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