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Let your little one enjoy the swimming pool in a safe and trendy way with the Swim Essentials Inflatable Baby Swim Seat. The swim seat is suitable for children from 0-1 years and is provided with a hip print. This baby swim seat is equipped with 4 different air chambers to ensure the safety of your baby.


The float is easy to use and offers enough freedom of movement for your baby without him or her being able to climb out. With this swim float your baby can enjoy his or her first steps into swimming on a safe way.


Note: Only use the swim seat under parental supervision.


  • Super fun Unisex swim seat!
  • Meets the strictest European rules and legislation.
  • Only at Swim Essentials and its sales partners!


Features Inflatable Circus Du Swim Baby Swim Seat

  • 0.25 mm thick PVC.
  • 0,4 kg.
  • 70 cm diameter.
  • Use for babies between 0-1 years.
  • Maximum 11 kg.

Inflatable Flowers Baby Swim Seat


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