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Babies grow fast, but it does not mean you can't have it under control. With our baby cot Frank, you can not only adjust the height of the cot's bottom to your baby's needs but also provide them with the safest and ecological piece of furniture in which they will spend lots of time and enjoy their little life.


Pinewood is selected already at the cutting stage in the sawmill, thanks to which it comes to us only with the first grade. The next stage of the selection is already done by our trusted people employed as wood technologists, who very rigorously select the perfect elements to create a protective railing, bottom and side of the cot.


The cot's side:
Made of 100% pine wood from Polish forests. For the sake of safety, we added two links in the side of the bed, which strengthened the entire structure. The new solution has changed the type of assembly of our furniture. It is now, above all, simpler and faster. As a result, we obtained a compact body of the product.


The cot's bottom:
There are free spaces between the slats of the bottom so that air can circulate all the time. The ease of air circulation in the mattress will primarily help maintain its hygiene, and also maintain its properties. Made of 100% pine wood. This element is perhaps the most exposed to loads. Intensive games in the cot must take place without surprises, so we made sure that the bottom would last for many years.


Product features:

  • dimensions:
    • inside: 120 x 60 cm
    • outside: 125 x 66 x 85 cm
  • the bottom's height (from the floor):
    • 54 cm
    • 39 cm
    • 24 cm
  • pinewood
  • 3 detachable spokes


Frank Cot Pine

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  • Price does not include delivery & assembly. 

    A delivery charge of €20.00 and an assembly charge of €15 is not included and has to be paid directly to the assembler on delivery. 

    Kindly contact the store for more info on 21418218.

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