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  • Warm a bottle in as little as 80 seconds with the 'steam' function
  • Gentle warming with bain marie pre-programmed function for breast milk (gentler heating to retain 100% nutrients)
  • Input the starting temperature of the milk (room temp, refrigerated or frozen) NutriSmart will automatically adapt the optimal heatng time


Babymoob NutriSmart: The most intuitive, travel-friendly bottle and breast milk warmer to preserve 100% nutrients in bottles, pouches and food jars.


NutriSmart is the most adaptable, quick and intuitive bottle warmer on the market with the ability to automatically gauge the precise heating time for your bottle, depending on the temperature of the milk (room temp to frozen). Simply enter the quantity to be heated and its temperature before heating and NutriSmart will do the rest!


This smart heating process is designed to retain 100% of the nutrients and also gives you as parents peace of mind that milk or food is defrosted or warmed thoroughly to a safe temperature without having to do a thing!


Choose from a number of pre-programmed one-button functions designed for both formula and breast milk. The bain-marie function heats gently with a max temperature of 65°C and more suited to better preserve the nutrients in breast milk. Alternatively you can warm a bottle in as little as 80 seconds (65 ml of water to 37°C) with the pre-programmed 'steam' function.


Nutrismart helps to maximize on precious sleep time too: Select another pre-programmed function which programs NutriSmart to heat milk ready for a time that you choose (up to 12 hours ahead), so that you can have a bottle ready for baby exactly when it’s needed, day and night!


Quick satisfaction for baby and minimal effort for parents!

NutriSmart is conveniently universal with all types of baby bottles, food jars and milk pouches (max. 8 cm diameter) maximizing the products longevity in your baby’s life from newborn through to weaning as well as quick meal warming and defrosting too. NutriSmart is compact for use at home and for travel and comes with a car plug for warming on-the-go.

Babymoov Nutri Smart Home & Car Bottle Warmer

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