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The safe, sterile and quick solution to prepare your baby's bottles

  • Large capacity water tank 1.1L
  • Hygienic: Boil your water to 100°C to eliminate any bacteria
  • Quickly cools water to desired temperature thanks to built-in fan
  • Keeps tank of water at desired temperature for up to 6 hours. No need to boil new water each time you make a bottle!
  • Easy care and clean with its stainless steel surface and "CLEAN" function 


As a parent, every minute counts! Milky Now enables parents to make baby bottles in the quickest and safest way possible!


How does MILKY NOW work?

As recommended bottles should be prepared with freshly boiled water (to 100C) that has been left for no longer than 30 minutes or cooled to 70C.


70C is the optimal water temperature to kill off any bacteria within formula.


MILKY NOW enables you to boil a full tank of water to 100C and then cool the water to 70C. MILKY NOW will also maintain your chosen temperature thanks to the "keep water hot"" function for up to 6 hours so that bottles are quick and easy to make on demand! Easily prepare a whole tank of water ready for the night feeds!



The water dispense button is pre-programmed to dispense 60ml. Push the button as many times as needed to add the correct amount for your formula quantity. (Typically 30ml per 1 scoop of formula but can differ from formula to formula) 

Cool your prepared bottle/s to a comfortable warmth for baby or to room temperature from 70C in your fridge or under a cold tap. This is much quicker than cooling water straight from the kettle.



Use Milky Now for preparing your hot drink at the perfect temperature!


What are the benefits?

  • Ensures water used for baby bottles is 100% clean and bacteria-free by pre-boiling.
  • Boil to 100C and bring water temperature down to 70C in 11 minutes! Guarantees bottle is prepared with 100% sterilsed formula and pre-boiled water which eliminates any risk of bacteria.
  • Use the same tank of pre-boiled water for making baby bottles in a 6 hour period rather than boiling fresh water every single time.
  • Make your own hot drinks quickly
  • Stylish and streamlined bottle prep unit for your kitchen. Compact for travel or taking on holiday.


MILKY NOW is easy to use as well as to clean: its water tank is made from stainless steel to guarantee maximum hygiene, and its ""CLEAN"" function makes it easy to clean all the water channels (the water boils for 3 minutes at 100°C). A handy tip to ensure maximum cleanliness: add a few drops of lemon juice to the water before pressing the ""CLEAN"" button 2 or 3 times.


Babymoov Milky Now Bottle Prep Machine

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