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Glass Babybols Food Storage Set


  • 4 x 220ml glass bols,
  • Natural, durable, environmentally-friendly glass that helps food keep better in the fridge or freezer
  • Screw top with silicone seals for 100% airtight closure
  • Graduations and rewritable surface to label the contents
  • Stain resistant, easy to clean and sterilisable
  • Easily stackable
  • Suitable for microwave (low temperature or defrost - max 800 W).


Always remember to remove the lid when heating. To prevent the jar from breaking, do not fill the Babybols to the brim before putting it in the freezer. 


Glass is sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. DO NOT heat your baby bowls directly out of the freezer or fridge. Place the jar under warm running water first for 30 seconds before heating it.



Container: Glass - Lid: PP / Silicone



Wash before first use 


Babymoov 4x220ml Glass Babybols

SKU: A004313

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