It’s not always easy to have a whole load of dummies on you so you can keep giving your baby a clean one every time it falls on the floor. In your daily routine, on holiday, on journeys and trips, you will often need to sterilize your baby’s dummies and teats to ensure they are perfectly hygienic and clean.

On the Go Sterilizer is a portable sterilizer that uses UV rays and ozone to quickly disinfect dummies and teats anywhere.

This portable sterilizer removes 99.9% of germs using UV rays and ozone, leaving them perfectly sanitized in just 7 minutes no matter where you are. It takes AAA batteries, so you won’t need to connect it or charge it before use. It also has a child lock system for extra safety.

How to sterilize dummies and teats with On the Go Sterilizer

The portable sterilizer by Miniland Baby leaves dummies and teats fully sterilized in just 7 minutes, allowing them to be reused quickly without having to go back home. It is light and compact so you can store it anywhere, in a handbag or backpack. Weighing just 134 grams, you can always have it on you in your handbag, backpack, buggy bag or the like, so it is ready to use anywhere.

Items can be sterilized by placing them inside the device or by applying it straight to your baby’s bottle. Dummies and teats can be disinfected inside the sterilizer. And what’s more, with On the Go Sterilizer, teats can be sterilized by applying the device directly to the neck of the bottle.